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Why choose Van Marcke Installs?

How much water do you use? How much room do you have for the installation? Do you have limescale issues? We help you make the right choice. Take advantage of our expertise thanks to our online simulator or with a personalised advice.

Hot water without delay

The main advantage of a boiler is instantaneous hot water. Yet, water temperature can rapidly drop as the boiler is emptying. Our simulator takes care of calculating the tank capacity for you. This way, you'll enjoy showering at any time without the fear of ice cold water flowing on you. Any other parameter to take into consideration? Yes, for example water hardess in your region. However we make sure to ask you the right questions so that you don't hesitate between two different models.

Saving money on energy bills

40% of the water we use is heated. Sanitary water heating represents on average 15% of energy bills. Make the right choice also means saving money! Some boilers have an intelligent management system that analyses your consumption habits. Water is heated only when you need it to. This results in a lower energy consumption and thus savings on your electricity bill as it will not always keep water warm unnecessarily. Concerned with environmental issues? Renewable energy boilers are also good for your wallet. This type of boiler uses heat in the air to warm water which leads to impressive energy savings.

Only the high-quality brands

Van Marcke picks the best brands for you:


How does it work?

The best solution for you in 3 steps.

Free online quote

Free online quote

Simple, without commitment and ready in 2 minutes. A few clicks to answer simple questions and we’ll find which boiler is best for your situation.Get your free quote

Free visit of an installer

Free visit of an installer

The second step is to leave us your details and availability. One of our professional installers will come to figure out the final details, free of charge. This way we’ll be able to draw a tailored offer and send it to you for approval.

Professional installation, in the finest details

Professional installation, in the finest details

Once you have approved the offer, we will setup the day and time of your choosing to proceed with the installation.

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